Chin Villagers Discover Unexploded Mortar Shells inside the Village

| The Chin Journal | Hakha, Chin State

Chin villagers found three unexploded mortar shells inside Maung Hna Ma village in Chin State’s Paletwa Township.

A Paletwa CSO member who traveled to the village a week ago said out of three mortar shells, two were cleared by the villagers themselves.

“There were three unexploded live mortar shells in the village. Although villagers have already cleared two mortar shells, another one remains untouched. They are very anxious about the remaining shell. Even though they informed about the shell to Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army), no one comes to destroy it,” she said.

The three unexploded mortar shells were believed to be landed in the village during the fight between the Rakhine rebel group (Arakan Army-AA) and Tatmadaw in April 2019.

An armed clash between AA and Tatmadaw near Maung Hna Ma village in April forced villagers to flee to Pae Chaung Wah village. They returned to their village on August 3, a Paletwa CSO member said.

As sporadic fighting between AA and Tatmadaw swept upper Kaladan area in Paletwa Township, thousand of villagers fled their homes. According to the official record, there are around 3,500 IDPs in Paletwa Township.

By Salai Zing Bawi

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